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June 14, 2018

Private Token Sale - Investment for short term

What is CaRT?

Capital fund Rasing Token is a token on WAVES platform. It created for raising our capital fund with a ICO .
The total amount is 1500000 CaRT. Our soft cap is 600K and hard cap is 1500K. 
Who we are?
We are a small group of crypto traders. We started crypto trading as a group from 2016 and most of us coming from FX trading markets.
What is our plan?
We have a three step plan. First is raisning our capital fund from about 25 BTC to 125 BTC. Our second plan is stablishing our financial company to provide investment plans for individuals. And our third plan is for the future and we will talk about it later.
What is the benefit?
We will give a 14% profit monthly to our investors for 12 month. The profit sheet will release at the last day of each month and profits will be distribute in first five days of next month. After 12 month we have 2 choice one is buy back and another one is extending the plan for another year. It depends on market and our plans. The profit will be paid in WAVES.
Asset Address : J2bggUKkETVLPGKJ1r7BcLfnvQpJ6GLuzD6K7i2xNxLj
Token name : CaRT
Total Supply : 1500000
ICO date 15/06/2018 to 30/06/2018
Firs profit sheet 30/07/2018
First profit payout 1 to 5 /08/2018
Profit per month : 14% of invesment
Soft cap: 600K
How to buy tokens?
We are accepting WAVES , BTC and ETH. The price of 1 CaRT calculated and you can send the value to the addresses that given.
1 CaRT = 0.00206 ETH     0x4Cad81B3f1696136aC1052798E6D1a7CD88d8CDc
1 CaRT = 0.00016 BTC     14S1ThshpXnWq2v6xZontSQzEFx4oomXfi
1 CaRT = 0.284 WAVES    3P9j81DwKqCoUnJaA54QrQNQSQ7q7XKJJmK
After sending your coins please fill the this form.
Telegram : @cryptotrgr
Twitter : @cryptotradingg1

Form link : ICO Form

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